Joint Sealant

Need joint sealant?

Sealant to every type of need, flooring, walls, and joinery to keep your building watertight and fire rated.

Sealants account for only a small proportion of the cost of a building project, however, their performance is vital to the integrity of any structure.

PCR specialises in a range of sealants that have been designed for civil and general construction projects including airports, railways, superstructures, water treatment plants, roads and footpaths. Our team is fully trained to install such products for best performance.

Nowadays there are a lot of trades personnel in the market installing construction products without full understanding of its properties and what they are actually designed for. Such practices may result in a final product that doesn't last as long, either cracking, bubbling and coming away from the surface. Leakage, corrosion and fire safety will be a concern down the line.

Call one of our experts to look at your joint design and give you the best solution to suit your need.

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