Get rid of leaks

When waterproofing basements, taking corners may cause huge costs if the building leaks in the future. Continuous remedial works and damages to the property and to any valuables you store there won't be worth the small savings you'll make by not applying for the appropriate protection.

Leakage in buildings is one the most critical pathologies that could happen.

If not contained promptly, it could cost even millions of dollars, considering all the work involved to repair after the building is finished.

Silane/Siloxane and hydrogel sealers, polyurethane and acrylic injections and a careful in situ diagnosis makes PCR a reliable solution provider to completely repair or at least contain the leak until the proper repair is done.

Benefits of waterproofing structure:

·        Maintains a health environment: Moisture caused by basement water leaks can lead to dangerous mould and mildew growth, related to health problems ranging from coughing and skin irritation to aggravating allergies and asthma.


·        Reinforces structural integrity: Wet basements may also endanger the structural integrity of the house.


 ·        Saves energy: A properly waterproofed basement will better insulate the home, decreasing the energy cost of heating.


·        Increases your property value: It will save you from repairs and quick fixes you may have to do from time to time. It makes the property more livable.

The return on investing in a waterproof basement pays for itself.

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