Solid Plastering

Skim coats to have your surface ready for paint.

Since humans have been building, they also have been plastering. It is an ancient technique but still an incredibly effective craft. Solid plastering consists of coating walls, ceilings, and floors, making it ready for the painters.

Different styles, textures, and patterns are applied to achieve different outcomes.

Some surface finishes that PCR are:

·        Render and Set – Smooth surface suitable for interiors.


·        Sgraffito– A painting technique that involves scratching a surface layer to expose the colour or colours underneath.


·        Sand Finish – A sponge is used in the second coat to expose sand grains.


·        Bag Wash – A hessian cloth or a sponge is used to produce a swirled pattern on thewall.


·        Glass Faced Cement Finish – A highly polished, hygienic, smooth, hard-wearing, and water-resistant finish. Most used in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and industrial applications.


·        Corbelling– A method to minimize the impact of construction joints and other architectural elements.


NZS 4251sets out for solid plaster to achieve structurally sound, hard, durable, water-resistant surfaces.

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