Laying a level floor screed over a large area is complex and requires years of experience, but don't worry, we have the expertise.

Screed is usually on top of the concrete slab and is mainly used as a finishing layer on internal floors or level floors before final floor coverings such as tiles, carpet, wood flooring, resin coatings etc.

There are different types of floor screed customarily used:

·        Bonded Screed: Bonded to the substrate, this type of screed is ideal for thinner applications where heavy loading is expected.


·        Unbounded Screed: Not bonded directly to the base. Instead, the screed lays on top of a damp-proof membrane. It can feature cast-in pipes for underfloor heating.


·        Floating Screed: A screed lays on a layer of insulation with a slip membrane separating the insulation from the screed. If the target is to gain an A1 rating in modern dwellings, this is a suitable method.


BS EN13813 describes the essential characteristics of flooring products, specifies the methods by which these characteristics are to be determined and, in some cases, defines minimum levels of acceptable performance.

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