Precast erection

We also erect buildings

The installation of each precast element into its final position follows the manufacturer's instruction, the objectives of the project and the industry's safety and procedures guidelines.

The scope of the precast erection work involves:


·       Erection planning

·       Preparation of the structure

·       Pre-check and lifting operations

·       Rigging

·       Storage on-site (when not assembled directly from the truck)

·       Placement

·       Propping and bracing

·       Levelling shims

·       Panel alignment

·       Anchorage connections

·       Lifting, transportation and installation of hardware used to assist the erection process


The industry guide Handling, Transportation, and Erection of Precast Concrete, by Precast NZ, provides practical guidance.

Safe Work with Precast Concrete, published by WorkSafe, offer advice on the safe handling, transportation, and erection of precast concrete elements.

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