If you need it to be grouted, you need it to be done right.

Although a simple task, grouting could be tricky and cause terrible damages to the structure, like leaks caused by voids when the grouting of precast sleeves' panels is not done correctly and inspected.

Grouting is the process of injecting material into gaps, spaces or joints between two materials or concrete components, most commonly in precast panels.

PCR works with high quality grouts and takes careful control of all the steps and parameters involved in the grout application.

  • Adequate shear mixing and application rate;

  • Sampling and testing flow and compressive strength;

  • Innovative valve systems which minimize grouting leakage and avoid expensive and time consuming grinding;

  • Ultrasonic inspection that eventually detects voids, permitting immediate intervention and void-free certification, avoiding the future risk of leakage.

A correct application will ensure that the grout flows evenly and spreads the loads between the precast panels and the floor.

Permanent grouting or mortar packing of precast concrete element support points requires care and supervision to ensure that it meets the requirements for strength and durability.

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