Need a new driveway or want your old one refreshed?

PCR specialises in the design of new driveways as well as bringing new technology to restore your old one.

When it comes to driveways, you need an expert to provide best design so you have a long lasting structure.

A lot goes in to deliver that product. From ground investigation and compacting, to the cutting of control joints. Anyone can box and slap some concrete on a driveway, but very few can design something that will last an entire lifetime.

With our many years of experience we have encountered many different driveways and we understand that the client is not always looking to build a new one. So if you have tired looking driveway needing a spruce, we can help.


  • design and build new driveways
  • concrete wash
  • bush hammering
  • crack/chip repairs
  • driveway clear and coloured sealers
  • overlays
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