Corrosion Protection

Corrosion prevention and maintenance is the no 1 priority to any sustainable asset management plan.

Corrosion repairs and cathodic protection solutions from breaking and rebuilding to installing control measures to maintain your structure protected from corrosion.

The corrosion of reinforcement is the most common problem in concrete structures around the world, and one of the main causes of concrete deterioration due to delamination caused by the reinforcing swelling with corrosion.

It is a natural process of any metal embedded in the concrete, which becomes accelerated when the reinforcement is exposed to chloride ions and a high concentration of carbon dioxide, causing its premature deterioration and affecting dramatically the concrete structure's service life if not repaired in due time.

PCR can mitigate reinforcement corrosion by varied methods, including steel passivation with specific coatings, sealing with nano-hydrogel, silanes/siloxanes, and the installation of cathodic protection systems composed by sacrificial anodes and impressed current system, if it is the case.

Once you bring your problem to us we would be glad to study a cost-effective solution to protect your investment for decades.

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