Protective Coatings

Bare concrete needs protection too.

Concrete sealer technology to waterproof and preserve your surface. Civil and General Construction water and solvent based sealers are available to suit your need depending on the desired performance.

Concrete is a very porous product, and it likes absorbing water like a sponge.

With time concrete will crack, might be minor that our eyes can't really see. But it will eventually give way to water reaching its core structure allowing the corrosion process to begin, leading to a lot of future issues.

If you are looking to build or renovate precast/litecrete, insitu, poured and block concrete, all needs to be sealed. What changes one from the other is desired protection and aesthetic.

  • Acrylic Sealer - Create a softer, more natural look with this high-solids, water-based acrylic.
  • Epoxy Sealer - A new generation, no VOC, fast curing, water-based, 1:1 epoxy providing a coating with increased durability for interior applications.
  • Glaze Sealer - A superior solvent based acrylic coating for interior and exterior use, giving a ‘wet look’. This very popular sealer contains high solids of a very high quality resin that ensures a thick coating for long term durability.
  • Natural Sealer - Natural Sealer is a penetrating sealer for use on external concrete surfaces where a natural finish is desired.
  • Satin Sealer - Satin Sealer provides the same wet look and durability as the PFL Glaze but with a satin finish, and is suitable for use on all interior and exterior spaces.

Both Glaze and Satin sealers are available in coloured versions - get in touch and we will bring you live samples.

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