Protective Coatings

Bare concrete needs protection too.

Concrete sealer technology to waterproof and preserve your surface. Civil and General Construction water and solvent-based sealers are available to suit your need depending on the desired performance.

Concrete is a very porous product, and it likes absorbing water like a sponge.


Although concrete surfaces can generally perform well without a coating, there are good reasons to coat them:

·        Form a protective barrier against chemical or abrasive exposures

·        Waterproofing

·        Damp-proof surfaces and protect against freeze-thaw cycles

·        Ease cleaning and disinfecting

·        Control dust

·        Improve Aesthetics

·        Enhance the functionality (thermal and slip resistance, reflectivity, or conductivity) of the surface

·        Identify aisle ways or safety zones


If you want to build or renovate precast/litecrete, in-situ, poured and block concrete, all needs sealing. Some types of sealer that we offer:

·        Acrylic Sealer - Create a softer, more natural look with this high-solids, water-based acrylic


·        Epoxy Sealer - A new generation, no VOC, fast curing, water-based, 1:1 epoxy, providing a coating with increased durability for interior applications.


·        Glaze Sealer - A superior solvent-based acrylic coating for interior and exterior use, giving a 'wet look'. This very popular sealer contains high solids of a high-quality resin that ensures a thick layer for long term durability.

·        Natural Sealer - Natural Sealer is a penetrating sealer on external concrete surfaces for a desired natural finish.


·        Satin Sealer - Satin Sealer provides the same wet look and durability as the PFL Glaze but with a satin finish. It is suitable for use in all interior and exterior spaces.

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