Concrete Repair

Broken, Chipped, Spalled? No problem we can help.

Even when the construction follows adequate procedures and the reinforced concrete structures are safely used and well maintained, the environment will affect systems of all kinds and components will degrade or wear out and eventually require repair.

Types of concrete deterioration:


·        Freeze/Thaw Cycles - water to ice expansion, pop-outs, cracking, etc.

·        Acid Attack

·        AAR (alkali-aggregate reaction)

·        ASR (alkali-silica/silicate reaction)

·        ACR (alkali carbonate reaction)

·        Contaminated Concrete

·        Deteriorated concrete (includes reinforcing steel deterioration)

·        Cracks and Joint Failure

·        Broken Concrete

·        Carbonation

·        Efflorescence

·        Rebar Corrosion-related Cracking

·        Spalling

·        Abrasion Damage

·        Erosion By Abrasion

·        Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

·        Structural Crack


Identifying and repairing these defects is a task for specialists. Industry leaders such as the American Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute and SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings) have developed standards, manuals, methods, and recommendations that a concrete coating inspector must read and understand to make solid decisions regarding the inspection of repairs and defects in concrete. PCR follows the best international practices for concrete rehabilitation.

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