Cathodic Protection

A proven solution to make new and existing structures last longer.

Cathodic protection is one of the most effective methods for preventing corrosion in reinforced concrete structures and steel frame buildings. It works by allowing a sacrificial anode instead of the protective metal.

This system provides remarkable advantages:

  • Embedded installation - provides discrete installation, with no added dead weight loading or increase to physical dimensions of the     structure.
  • Gas Venting – no build-up of anodic gases can be installed under membranes, coatings and strengthening systems.
  • Economical – It's a low-cost method of providing galvanic corrosion prevention to extend the start of reinforcement corrosion around patch     repairs.
  • Long-lasting – The longest life expectancy of any discrete CP is over 25 - 50 years, depending on the design.

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